BSR: B-spline atomic R-matrix code

BSR is a general program to calculate atomic continuum processes, including electron-atom and electron-ion scattering, and radiative processes such as bound-bound transitions, photoionization and polarizabilities. BSR uses the B-spline R-matrix method as its means of solution, with calculations performed in either LS- or intermediate coupling schemes which include terms of the Breit-Pauli Hamiltonian.

Novice Users

New users may wish to read the following pages before using BSR on the AMP Gateway:

Advanced Users

The source code for the first release (2006) of BSR may be found in the CPC program library (identifier ADWY) or by clicking the following link: BSR: B-spline atomic R-matrix codes.

BSR version 3.0 is currently available with limited functionality on the AMP Gateway. The full source code along with associated libraries and utilities is available from github.

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