Time-Dependent Recursive Indexing (tRecX)

The time-dependent Recursive indeXing method for strong-field interactions with atoms and molecules. tRecX is a C++ code for solving generalized inhomogeneous time-dependent Schrödinger-type equations idΨ /dt = H[t, Ψ ] + Φ in arbitrary dimensions and in a variety of coordinate systems. The operator H[t, Ψ] may have simple non-linearities, as in Gross-Pitaevskii and Hartree(-Fock) problems.

Primary application of tRecX has been for non-perturbative strong-field single and double photo-electron emission in atomic and molecular physics. The code is designed for large-scale ab initio calculations, for exploring models, and for advanced teaching in computational physics.

License: GNU General Public License 2